Using Worm Compost in Seed Starter Mix

Using Worm Compost in Seed Starter Mix

My Recipe for Homemade Seed Germination Soil with Worm Compost

Worm compost is an extremely nutrient-rich organic fertilizer. You should be using it in your seed starter mix to get your baby plants started off right. Here is my recipe for Using Worm Compost in Seed Starter Mix.

1/3 Worm Compost

A Handful of Vermicompost
A Handful of Vermicompost

The most important ingredient! You can purchase worm castings online or in store but I encourage you to try making your own, its easy and fun. Because you will want your plants to get the best start possible, this is a great use of your precious, high-powered worm castings. Dried and screened worm compost is much easier to work with.

1/3 Coir

Coir is a renewable resource made from coconut husks that provides the same benefits as peat moss. Coconut Coir is light and fluffy, soaks up water well, and provides room for roots to grow. Coir also makes a great worm bin bedding material.

1/3 Vermiculite

Vermiculite is a mineral that has been super heated until it expands or pops. It is ideal for seed starting mixes because of its aeration and water retention capacity. Adding vermiculite to your seed starting mix will make it more fluffy and help it hold in moisture. Moisture is extremely important because once a seed gets wet it will try to grow. If it dries out, it will die.

I use a large plastic cement mixing tub to blend all three ingredients together in whatever volume I need. Mix thoroughly until the worm compost seed starter mix is a uniform color.

FARMER TIP: After watching me splash my seeds out of their pots the first time I watered them, a farmer friend showed me that he soaks his seed starting mix with water before adding it to the pots. Presoaking the mix makes it easier to add to the seed trays and keeps you from splashing the seeds out when you water them. Duh

Too Lazy to Make your Own Seed Starter Mix but Still Want the Benefits of Worm Compost??

No problem. Simply, purchase a bag of seed starter mix from the store and add your own worm compost.

Enjoy Using Worm Compost in Seed Starter Mix

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