What Does Worm Compost Do For Plants?

What Does Worm Compost Do For Plants?

Learn the Benefits of Using Worm Compost Fertilizer in your Soil

What does worm compost do for plants? Gardeners know that healthy plants come from healthy soil. Adding worm compost to your garden soil helps plants grow by boosting the organic matter, nutrients, and beneficial microbes in the soil. Some research shows that worm compost also suppresses diseases and insect pest attacks. Simply put: it’s some good…worm poop.

Worm Compost Increases Organic Matter in Soil

Organic matter is simply any type of living or dead plant or animal material. Worm compost is one type of organic matter that you can add to your garden soil. And, it may be the best. More organic matter in your soil means enhanced soil structure, better soil drainage, and a better environment for nightcrawler earthworms to live, eat, poop, and tunnel.

Worm Compost Boosts the Nutrients Available to Plants

A Worm Feast
A Worm Feast

Worm compost makes nutrients available to plants. As worms eat and digest vegetable food scraps the nutrients in the food are converted into forms which can be taken in and used by plants. The nutrients already exist in the apple core but it takes a trip through a worm’s digestive system to unlock those nutrients and make them usable to plants.

Worm Compost Increases the Beneficial Microorganisms in your Soil

Microorganisms or microbes are tiny single-cell organisms like bacteria and fungi. Depending on their type, they can do both great and terrible things in your garden. By adding worm compost to your garden you are adding beneficial microbes that can help suppress plant diseases and repel insect attacks.

Do Your Own Worm Compost Fertilizer Test

Pumpkin Seedlings
Pumpkin Seedlings

Do you want to see with your own eyes the difference worm compost can make? Do a simple test. Plant identical plants in identical pots with identical soil. Then add a bunch of worm compost to only one of them and watch what happens!

Use Some Worm Compost

Now that you know what worm compost does for plants and the benefits of worm composting for you and your plants, read this article for tips on how to use worm compost: How to Use Worm Compost

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