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Worm Composting HQ authorWelcome to Worm Composting Headquarters! Thanks for visiting.

What this website can do for you

This website is for anyone interested in learning more about worm composting or anyone ready to start their own worm compost bin. Each article was written to provide vermicomposting beginners with clear, accurate information about the major worm composting topics.

Reading Worm Composting HQ you will learn how to build a worm bin, how to care for your worms, how to harvest the worm castings (poop), and how to make the best use of your valuable worm compost. If you have found this website valuable, please recommend it to a friend who shares your interest. Thanks.

About the author

Henry Teaching a Worm Composting WorkshopMy name is Henry Owen. I fell in love with nature as a child at summer camp and on family camping trips. I believe that all people need to be connected to nature and that all children deserve opportunities for imaginative, exploratory, nature-based play. I co-founded and directed Friendship Gardens, a nonprofit project that grows food for meals-on-wheels in Charlotte, NC before moving to Texas to serve the Nature Discovery Center as Executive Director.

Informally and professionally, I have been teaching people to worm compost since 2008. I have two young boys who love to play in the dirt with me and rarely try to eat the worms. 🙂

Why I worm compost

I believe I should take responsibility for my own food waste instead of sending it to a landfill. Through worm composting, I not only take responsibility for my food waste, I turn a negative (food scraps) into a positive (worm poop) which helps me close the nutrient loop and grow more food for my family. Also, worm composting is fun.

Why Buy your Composting Worms and Supplies from me?

  1. I guarantee live delivery of composting worms. Nobody wants a box of dead worms!
  2. The best customer service in the biz! If you have read any of my articles, you know I am committed to helping people have success with worm composting for years to come. If you have any questions you can ask me directly. Email wormcompostinghq[at]gmail.com
  3. A portion of all income from this website is donated to Friendship Gardens, a nonprofit that grows good, clean, healthy food (using worm compost!) for a meals on wheels program.

Work with me

Product Reviews. If you have a product that feel is a good fit for my website visitors, I may be willing to write and post a review on the website. Please contact me about your product below. I do not accept payment for product reviews but I do keep the demo product you send.

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Why I started this website

Worm Composting in the Classroom
Worm Composting in the Classroom

I started Worm Composting HQ because I am passionate about teaching others about the benefits of worm composting. For my job, I often teach workshops, speak to gardening groups, and teach individuals to worm compost.

Having a website with all my ‘how to worm compost’ content in one location allows me to be a more efficient teacher and reach a wider audience.

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