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Start worm composting! If you are brand new to worm composting, welcome! This is the place to start.
What is Worm Composting?

Worm composting (also called Vermicomposting) is a form of composting in which you feed your vegetable food scraps to a specific type of earthworm called red wigglers (scientific name: Eisenia Fetida).
Why Worm Compost?

Worm Composting Bin

Because it allows you to responsibly dispose of your kitchen scraps while at the same time creating nutrient-rich compost that you can use on your indoor or outdoor plants. Vermicompost (worm poop) is better for plants than almost any other type of compost and is worth about ten times as much as compost from a pile.

Composting worms have only three jobs: eat, poop, and make babies. Your job is to manage the worms in a way to maximize all three.

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