What NOT to Compost in a Worm Bin

What NOT to Compost in a Worm Bin

What-Not-to-Compost-in-a-Worm-BinA list of things you should never feed your composting worms

Some things should never be put in a worm compost bin. Even though some of the things on this list seem natural and may even be organic, your composting worms will not be able to handle them. Learn what not to compost in your worm bin to make sure you keep your composting worms healthy and productive.

What NOT to Compost in your Worm Bin

  • Meat. Remember composting worms are vegetarian.
  • Dairy.
  • Oil.
  • Cooked food. Cooked food often has seasonings, especially salt, which can harm your worms. To responsibly dispose of your cooked food scraps (and get some great eggs), get some backyard chickens!
  • Dog or cat poop. Dog and cat poop is toxic. Flea killing meds can be especially toxic. Here are some instruction on building a dog poop composter in your backyard.
  • Anything greasy.
  • Bones.
  • Poisonous plants. duh.
  • Diseased plants.
  • Charcoal ash from a BBQ grill.
  • Lots of citrus fruits. Some is OK but a lot can burn worms’ skin. Adding one lemon peel each week won’t be a problem.
  • Lots of fresh pineapple. Again, some is OK but too much can burn worms’ skin.

Now that you know what not to compost, learn more tips on what you can feed your composting worms here: Feeding Your Worms

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