How to Split a Worm Bin

How to Split a Worm Bin

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Learn how to split a worm bin. If you have a healthy, active worm composting bin you can easily split the worms and bedding in two to make an additional worm bin.

Why would you want to split a worm bin?

  1. You may want to expand your home worm composting. Giving your worms an additional bin will allow them to increase their population and their food waste processing ability.
  2. You may want to share worm composting with a friend. A stocked worm bin makes a great gift for the right recipient. Make sure they are excited about becoming a worm farmer to ensure the worms aren’t neglected. If they need any help learning about worm composting be sure to share the website!

How to split a worm binWorm Composting Bin

  1. Wait until your worm bin is well established. If you have a new worm bin, you will need to wait for 4 to 6 months until the population of your worm bin reaches the limit imposed by the size of the bin. At this time it is ready to split.
  2. Never split a foul smelling worm bin. Worm bins should never smell bad. If it does it is a sign that the worm bin conditions are out of balance. Splitting a foul smelling worm bin only doubles the problem. Address the problem instead by reading our worm composting troubleshooting guide.
  3. Prepare a second bin. Either make the bin your self or purchase a commercially available worm bin.
  4. Move half of the bedding and worms from your first bin into the second bin.
  5. Add new moist worm bin bedding to each worm bin to bring them up to within several inches of the top of the bin.
  6. Share your second worm bin or keep it to double your production.
  7. If managed properly, the worms in both bins will grow their populations to the size that the bin allows.

Now that you know how to split a worm bin, you can make new worm composting bins for all your friends. Remember, I am here to help if you or they have any worm composting questions.

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