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Ready to Purchase Red Wiggler Composting Worms

The type of Earthworms used in worm composting are called Eisenia Fetida. They are also known as red wiggler worms or red worms. These worms are the best worms for composting because:

  1. they eat A LOT (around half their body weight everyday!)
  2. tolerate being dug through by worm farmers (you)
  3. are easy to keep contained indoors or out

You can buy composting worms online (through this website!) and they will be mailed to you (in weather that is not too hot or not too cold).

Why Buy your Composting Worms from me?

  1. I guarantee live delivery. Nobody wants a box of dead worms!
  2. The best customer service in the biz! If you have read any of my articles, you know I am committed to helping people have success with worm composting for years to come. If you have any questions you can ask me directly.
  3. A portion of all income from this website is donated to Friendship Gardens, a nonprofit that grows good, clean, healthy food (using worm compost!) for a meals on wheels program.
  4. FREE shipping on composting worms!

How do you know how many red wiggler composting worms to buy?

The amount of composting worms you need is determined by the amount of food waste that your family creates. For instructions on figuring out how many composting worms you need read this article: How Many Composting Worms Do I Need?
Tip: Make sure your worm bin is built BEFORE your worms arrive. You will want to have a place to put your composting worms as soon as they are delivered.