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Worm composting quickstart guide

Worm Composting Resources

Check out these links to useful worm composting, pile composting, and gardening resources around the web A few of these are affiliate links to worm composting resources that sell composting supplies. If you go through my link below and make a purchase I will make a very small commission for...

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VermiBag Mini Review

The VermiBag Mini is a cloth, hanging-bag style worm composting system that the inventor claims is the perfect system for teaching vermicomposting. The VermiBag was created as a functional, easy-to-use, yet attractive worm composting system that the inventor’s wife could use in her classroom. The creator, Tom, reached out...

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Worm Bin Heating Mat

Worm Farm Heater

A Seed Starting Heating Mat Makes an Excellent Worm Farm Heater I keep composting worms indoors (under my desk at work) and outdoors (on my fully shaded back porch). During the winter, the worms need a little help to stay warm. A worm farm heater can help! Remember, composting...

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Worm Composting T-Shirts on Sale

Are you proud of your composting worms? Then, tell the world with one of these fun Worm Composting T-Shirts Here is a preview of a couple of the worm composting t-shirts. See all the worm composting t-shirts on sale now through  These worm composting t-shirts make a great...

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