VermiBag Mini Review

VermiBag Mini Review

The VermiBag Mini is a cloth, hanging-bag style worm composting system that the inventor claims is the perfect system for teaching vermicomposting. The VermiBag was created as a functional, easy-to-use, yet attractive worm composting system that the inventor’s wife could use in her classroom. The creator, Tom, reached out to me and asked me to review one of his VermiBags. Below is my VermiBag Mini review.

What I like about VermiBag Mini

    • Great customer service. The first thing that jumped out to me about this product and the company is the customer service. Tom, the owner, communicates well with customers and welcomes feedback. As an example, he made a change to the design that I suggested regarding the color of the webbing. Looks great Tom!
    • Quality. Every material on the VermiBag is very sturdy and well made. The company owner sews each bag himself at his home in the United States. Here is a video tour of where every VermiBag is made. It is clear he takes great pride in the craftsmanship of his work and he should.
    • Excellent instructions and informational videos. It is clear that VermiBag wants you to succeed in worm composting. The company has written instructions and video instructions for building the frame/bag stand (more on this later), setting up your bag, and maintaining your bag. The VermiBag YouTube channel has over 60 instructional videos as of this review!
    • The harvest window. My VermiBag mini includes a clear harvest window covered by a flap of the bag material held down with velcro. The goal is for worm farmers to lift the flap and be able to observe the composting worms at work without disturbing them. I love this concept especially when you consider using the VermiBag in a classroom setting teaching the next generation of worm farmers. The video shows that the vermi window does work however, in my use I couldn’t ever see any worms working through the window. This could be due to the fact that I didn’t always keep my VermiBag topped off with worm bin bedding so that it was above the window.

  • Sturdy zipper top. A sturdy zipper closes the top of the system and alleviates an fear of worm escape. An added bonus is that I don’t have to put a brick on top to keep my dog from sniffing around and flipping up the lid like a do with other hard plastic worm bins.
  • Easy to harvest worm compost. The VermiBag is a flow through style system. Food scraps and fresh bedding is added on top. Worms process the scraps and bedding as it moves down and reduces in size toward the harvest hole on the bottom. I waited 8 months after setting up my system to harvest for the first time. To harvest I loosened the drawstring opening the harvest hole and then used a small hand trowel to prod finished worm composting into a collection pan. This is one of the easiest harvesting systems I have used in a worm bin.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed…and then some. VermiBag offers an amazing satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your VermiBag you can return it no questions asked for a full refund plus 10%! See below from the VermiBag website:

You may spend a little more for a VermiBag and it may not be as convenient to set up but when you buy a VermiBag, I personally guarantee, you will receive a system that is made from the Highest Quality Materials, 100% American Made, The Simplest Harvest System Available and something that is built to last a lifetime. When you receive your new VermiBag..if don’t agree, you can simply return the unused bag to me and I will refund the full purchase price including shipping… 10%… questions asked

What I don’t like about the VermiBag Mini

As you can see above there is much to like about the VermiBag mini and the VermiBag company. Below are a few limitations you should be aware of before you purchase a VermiBag.

  • The stand. All bag style vermicomposting systems require some sort of stand to hold up the bag. Because of the size of the stand, shipping them pre-made would be cost prohibitive. So, if you choose to purchase a VermiBag, you will need to assemble your own stand. The company has done its best to alleviate this barrier with clear instructions (written and video) for make a wooden or PVC stand. You can even purchase a pre-cut PVC stand on their website so that all you have to do is the assembly which for PVC requires no tools.
  • Harvest ring came off. On my VermiBag mini there is a small length of foam that sits inside of the harvest hole at the bottom of the system. The drawstring pulls tight around the foam to keep it sealed. Like all worm composting systems, the VermiBag creates some worm leachate so it is best to put a collection tray underneath to catch the drips. When I harvested worm compost from the system, the foam ring came off and had hardened which means it probably won’t seal the system as well. But, good news! Tom has a new version of the harvest hatch that appears to work much better. If you order a new VermiBag system, yours will come with the new harvest hatch system. Check out this video in which Tom discusses the improved harvest system. Remember what I said about constantly improving and commitment to quality?

My Recommendation

I think the VermiBag is a great system and I recommend it for anyone who is ready to graduate from a small homemade beginning system. I reviewed the VermiBag mini but the company sells several more sizes of the VermiBag including this huge one that looks awesome. Do a food waste audit here to see what system will fit your family or your classroom the best.
If you are ready to give the VermiBag a try, follow this link to check the variety of sizes and colors.

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