Free Gardening 101 Book

Free Gardening 101 ebookLearn the Basics of Gardening with this FREE Gardening 101 Ebook

Gardening and worm composting go hand in hand. Most worm composters are also backyard gardeners. After all, you need a way to use all that great worm compost that your composting worms are producing!
Learn the basics of gardening from this Gardening 101 ebook written by the Friendship Gardens staff.
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At Friendship Gardens, we believe everyone should have access to fresh, healthy food and the knowledge to grow it themselves.
Friendship Gardens is a nonprofit project teaching gardening and growing food for Friendship Trays, Charlotte’s meals on wheels program. This ebook is our ‘Gardening 101’ guide designed to help gardeners grow more food.
In this book you will learn organic and sustainable growing practices on a range of gardening topics: Garden bed preparations, soil life, spring gardening, summer gardening, fall gardening, watering, composting, planting, and more. This Gardening 101 book contains great general gardening information that will be helpful to any gardener new or experiences, and it includes some specific information about gardening in our climate and clay heavy soil here in the Piedmont region of North Carolina.
If you are ready to start growing some of your own food, this book can help.

Top Dressing with Vermicompost (worm castings)
And the best part? The book is FREE. Follow this link and download your copy today!

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