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YukChuk Kitchen Compost BinMy Review of the YukChuk Kitchen Food Waste Compost Bin

Kitchen food scrap containers (also called a kitchen composter) hold your food waste temporarily so that you do not need to take it out to your worm compost bin or compost pile every day.
You simply add your food scraps to the container located in your kitchen and when the container is full, you take it out to add to your compost bin.
I have used several different kitchen food scrap containers. The “YukChuk: Kitchen Food Waste Compost Bin” is easily my favorite.
Here are a few of the highlights:
No Smell – I have been using the YukChuk Kitchen composter for 6 months as of this writing and amazingly neither the YukChuk nor my kitchen has ever smelled like rotting food scraps. This is clearly the most important benefit to the YukChuk.
No Fruit Flies – As I have noted before, fruit flies are super annoying and a pain to get rid of. I have had zero problems with fruit flies since using the YukChuk.YukChuk
Thick Plastic – The kitchen composter container is made from thick plastic that will last a long time.
No Filter to Replace – Many kitchen composters use a charcoal filter to reduce the smell. Charcoal filters wear out and need to be replaced. Instead, the YukChuk seals tight so that it doesn’t let any smell escape.
Easy to Clean – The YukChuk is made from one continuous piece of plastic with no small nooks and crannies that make it hard to clean. I simply rinse it out with the hose after emptying it. It is also dishwasher safe, so every couple months I throw it in the dishwasher and it comes out like new. They also make compostable bag liners for the YukChuk but I found  it is so easy to clean that they are really not needed.
The Cabinet Mounting Bracket – The YukChuk comes with a easy to install mounting bracket for the inside of a cabinet door. This keeps it safe, secure, and out of site. Don’t worry, the container is easily removed using the handle when it is time to empty.
Kitchen Food Scrap ContainerDid I mention NO SMELL and NO FRUIT FLIES?!??! Awesome.
Not too big, not too small – As a worm composter, the volume of the kitchen composter container is very important. The YukChuk provides enough volume (1.5 gallon capacity) so that I am not having to empty it too often but not too much volume that I am over feeding my composting worms each time. At my house we empty the bin once or twice per week depending on what we are cooking.
Watch this video and it is clear how much thought was put into this product to make it simple yet very effective.

If you are in the market for a kitchen composter food scrap storage container, the YukChuk is the one that I personally use and the one I recommend. Give it a try.

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