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Buy Composting Worms

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The type of Earthworms used in worm composting is called Eisenia Fetida. They are also known as red wiggler worms or red worms. These worms are used because:

  1. they eat A LOT (around half their body weight everyday!)
  2. tolerate being dug through by worm farmers (you)
  3. are easy to keep contained indoors or out

You can buy composting worms online and they will be mailed to you (in weather that is not too hot or not too cold). I recommend purchasing your first pound of worms online from an experienced worm seller.

My Worm Seller Recommendation

I recommend purchasing red wiggler worms from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm. Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm is a passionate company dedicated to raising composting worms and producing high-quality worm compost. I love that their worms get a varied diet of vegetable scraps and coffee grounds. Some worm sellers only feed their worms one food source like horse manure or animal feed.

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How do you know how many red wiggler composting worms to buy?

The amount of composting worms you need is determined by the amount of food waste that your family creates. For instructions on figuring out how many composting worms you need read this article: How Many Composting Worms Do I Need?

Tip: Make sure your worm bin is built BEFORE your worms arrive. You will want to have a place to put your composting worms as soon as they are delivered.

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