Raising Worms for Fishing

Raising Worms for Fishing

Mature Red Wiggler WormTips for fattening up Red Wigglers for use as Fish Bait

Many fishermen prefer red wiggler worms as bait over nightcrawler worms because the red wigglers tend to live longer underwater and are more active (they wiggle!) which draws the attention of the fish. In this article you will learn tips for raising worms for fishing.
Whether you are a worm composter and fisherman wanting to raise your own bait or you want to start selling red wigglers to fishermen and bait shops, this article will give you some tips on raising worms for fishing. Specifically, you will learn how to fatten up red wiggler worms so they are more suitable for fish bait.
The challenge of using red wigglers as bait is they are much smaller and skinnier than nightcrawlers. It is difficult to get them on the hook without hooking your fingers! Use the below recipe to fatten up your worms to make them easier to get on the hook and more visible to hungry fish.

Raising Worms for Fishing

In order to fatten up your red wigglers for use in fishing, consider adding a few of the below foods to your composting worms diet.

In addition to changing their diet, you need to make sure the worm bin conditions are conducive for each worm growing nice and plump.

  • Always make sure the worms have enough to eat. Feed them more frequently and more volume than you normally would. If you are targeting plump red wiggler fishing worms, you don’t want your worms to ever lack food and start eating the carbon based worm bin bedding.
  • Make sure your worms have room to spread out. By nature, red wiggler worms live in tight, close colonies. Giving them more room will help the worms plump up into excellent fish bait.

Well fed and correctly cared for red wiggler worms make excellent fishing worms.
Good luck raising worms for fishing! Whether its for personal fishing or a bait business, I hope they bite.

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