Small Kitchen Scale

How much food waste does your family produce?
Before you can calculate how many composting worms you need, you must track the average amount of veggie food waste that you or your family creates. Below you will find simple instructions for how to track food waste and conduct a family food waste audit.
Collect a day’s worth of vegetable food waste that could have been fed to your worm farm.
Be sure to only collect the types of food waste that worms can eat. For more on this, read Feeding Your Worms
At the end of the collection day, place all veggies scraps in a plastic bag and weigh it. A small kitchen scale or fish scale works well.
Repeat each day for one week, then average the results together.
You now have your daily average food waste.
For complete instructions on how to calculate how many composting worms you need read: How Many Composting Worms Do I Need?